Bellabeat Vs Fitbit – Which Is The Top Choice For 2024


Health trackers are the most commonly used wearable technologies, providing many benefits to their users.

Do you have trouble deciding whether to pick Bellabeat or Fitbit?

Today I will show you two of the most renowned Health Trackers, Bellabeat Vs Fitbit.

Compared to the Bellabeat, Fitbit has tons of features, such as a touchscreen, Alexa support, a heart rate sensor, and can even count calories. 
As far as looks go, the winner is Bellabeat. If you want something you can wear with many dresses and are not concerned about how Fitbit looks, the winner is Bellabeat.  
Bellabeat battery can last 6 months with one cell, but after that, you need to replace it. With the magnetic connector provided in the box, Fitbit’s battery can also last four days on a single charge and can be charged easily.
Bellabeat wins in the price department since it is more affordable than Fitbit.
In terms of overall use, Fitbit wins, as it can be used by anyone, while Bellabeat is only suitable for ladies and has limited features. 

Fitbit Vs Bellabeat: Side-by-Side Comparison 

Our detailed comparison of Bellabeat vs Fitbit will help you pick a winner based on the differences between the two.

Fitness Bellabeat Vs Fitbit
ActivityBoth track daily activity
CaloriesBoth show estimated calorie burn
SleepA sleep pattern is tracked by both
Heart Rate / PulseThere is no heart rate tracking on device
DistanceRunning/walking distance is tracked by both
StepsYou can track your steps on both devices
Stairs / FloorsStairs and floors are not tracked by either
Exercise TaggingExercise tags aren’t available on either
Smart CoachBoth don’t have coaching feature
Goal SettingYou can set goals with both of them
Inactivity AlertThere are no inactivity alerts on either
Features Bellabeat Vs Fitbit
GPSBoth do not have built-in GPS
CompassBoth show estimated calorie burn
Watch / ClockOnly Fitbit offers a watch
Alarm ClockAlarm clocks are available in both
RemindersThey both have reminder apps
StopwatchNeither has a stopwatch
Music PlaybackMusic isn’t available on either
Compatibility Bellabeat Vs Fitbit
AndroidAndroid devices are compatible with both
iOSThe two iOS devices that are compatible
OS X/MacMacBooks and iMacs are compatible with Fitbit
Windows PhoneFitbit is compatible with a Windows Phone
Web PortalUsing Fitbit upload and view data online
Social FeaturesThey don’t have any social features
Connectivity Bellabeat Vs Fitbit
BluetoothBoth devices can transfer data wirelessly
Wi-FiThere is no Wi-Fi on either
NFCNeither supports NFC
ANT+They don’t support ANT+

Criteria Of Bellabeat And Fitbit

8Expert Score
 Overall Score
Brand popularity
Build quality & design
Ease of use
Ergonomics & Comfort
9Expert Score
 Overall Score
Brand popularity
Build quality & design
Ease of use
Ergonomics & Comfort

Bellabeat Verses Fitbit Pros & Cons

Bellabeat Pros & Cons
Fitbit Pros & Cons
Best For Women
Bellabeat Fitness Tracker
  • Pedometer accuracy is significantly better than Fitbit’s  
  • The Bellabeat  is the only fitness tracker that can track menstrual cycles
  • The Bellabeat is pretty stylish and can easily match any dress you wear.
  • Currently, Bellabeat does not have a heart rate monitor. 
Fitbit health tracker
Specially For Sports
Fitbit Fitness Tracker
  •  Brand recognition is significantly higher
  • A significantly better user-friendly product
  • Water repellency is significantly better
  • Supports debit & prepaid cards
  • Offers a free return policy
  • Fitbit’s price  is quite decent
  • Lightweight Design
  • Fitbit  does not have a GPS sensor; instead, it relies on the GPS of the smartphone connected to it.


Fitbit Verses Bellabeat: Detailed Comparison 


A well-known fitness tracker company, Fitbit, was recently acquired by Google for over 2.1 billion dollars in November 2019.

Fitbit is the third company in smartwatch sales, so you can guess how big they are. Apple is the leading company, followed by Fitbit and Xiaomi, fighting for second place.

Build and Design:

Fitbit has a similar design to the famous Apple Watch, as well as the design of the screen.

Due to its similar appearance to the Apple Watch, anyone can be fooled by the Fitbit.  

A square-shaped watch with a thickness of 0.47 inches (12mm) was released by Fitbit in August 2019. With Fitbit, you can navigate through its settings using its touchscreen.

This Fitbit comes with an AMOLED display protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

Its brightness is around 1000 nits, which can sometimes be too bright to see. You can adjust the brightness from the settings as well.

The Fitbit has a 300×300 pixel display and is equipped with an Ambient Light sensor that automatically adjusts the display’s brightness according to ambient lighting.

Fitbit devices are usually water-resistant to 50 meters. Swim-proof and sweat-proof, they are designed to withstand even the most intense workouts.

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User Interface and Battery Life

Due to the Fitbit AMOLED display, you can also choose the always-on option from the settings and it will not drain the battery, as AMOLED panels use less battery when you set the display to show black color, which comes off by default, so you must enable it.


A new processor makes Fitbit faster than previous models, so you will never experience any problems going through the User Interface. Hundreds of applications are available from the Play Store, so Fitbit comes with Google’s Wear OS, so it’s great that you can download apps from the Play Store.


If you use Fitbit normally, you can easily get two and a half days of battery life on a single charge.

The company claims that Fitbit can easily last around five days with standard usage.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from, and even Fitbit has designed them so that you can pick them from there.

Swipe from left to right to access the interface. You can also change the music from the app with vibration haptic feedback.

Fitbit has 2.5GB of internal storage for downloading apps and music.

Android smartphone notifications can also be received and replied to via the watch.

The watch also has a built-in Alexa, which you can activate by long pressing the button on one end. There is even an option for Fitbit pay on the watch for making payments.

Fitness Tracking

If you are a regular user, you won’t have any problems with the free version of Fitbit, but if you are a premium user, you’ll have to pay for a monthly subscription.

You can use the Fitbit app however you like, and it comes with tons of features. Its only downside is that it doesn’t show sleep tracking as accurately as it needs to.

It doesn’t come with its GPS sensor, but it uses the one on the smartphone to track routes, distances, heart rates, sleep patterns, and climbed floors.

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Bellabeat isn’t a typical activity tracker, it’s more of a smart jewelry, popular among women because of its stylish appearance. In 2013, Bellabeat was founded in San Francisco.

They have sold over 700k Bellabeat to date and are still counting. Our Bellabeat Review will discuss its features and specs in detail.

Build and Design:


It comes in a steel or wooden finish, depending on your choice, and you can wear the bracelet or the necklace with the Bellabeat. It is 2 inches tall and half an inch thick.

Many people mistakenly believe this is a real piece of jewelry since it comes with many different types of bracelets and necklaces to suit different outfits.

The Bellabeat is a waterproof device that doesn’t have a display or buttons to operate. You have to control the device and see the health stats with the smartphone app available for Android and iOS.

Fitness Tracking and Battery Life:

It has features that can help women, such as fitness tracking and battery life.

Menstrual cycles, steps, breathing, and sleep can be tracked. Maintaining a healthy and fit body is important for ladies.

It does not come with a heart rate sensor, You can sync all the data to your smartphone app with the help of Bluetooth.

Those who don’t want to be disturbed by traditional alarms may appreciate Bellabeat’s silent alarm feature.

Bellabeat doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery; the coin cell lithium battery must be changed every six months.

The Bellabeat can easily store 14 days’ worth of data on its internal memory.

The above 14 days of data must then be synced to your phone.

Read More About Bellabeat

Why Bellabeat Are Different From Other Fitness Trackers?

In the world of women’s health, are all products created equal?

Not at all.

Most products are created for testing on men, then marketed to women.

As a result, they leave out a very important piece of data that’s part of almost every woman’s life.

What do most companies forget to include when creating health and wellness trackers?

When tracked correctly, a woman’s menstrual cycle can be a great tool and insight into her overall health.

You can get in sync with your natural cycle with Bellabeat.

By tracking your body’s bio-responses and aligning them with your hormone cycle, you’ll always know why you feel the way you do.

Understand what that means for your stress levels and overall recovery. Discover how to create a balanced lifestyle plan that is unique to you.


Both fitness trackers are excellent in terms of features, battery life, pricing, etc., but for now, you have to choose one.

Those who don’t care about Fitbit’s features can opt for the Bellabeat since it comes with a Menstrual cycle feature, which is not available in any other fitness tracker until now. 

There are many features on Fitbit, such as a touchscreen, Alexa support, and heart rate sensor, and it even counts calories, but Bellabeat only tracks steps, breathing, sleep, and menstrual cycles.

If you want a better-looking wearable tech, choose Bellabeat, But if you’re more concerned with features, Fitbit is the best choice. If you have questions about the Bellabeat vs Fitbit comparison, you can leave a comment below.

Frequent Answers Questions

How accurate is Bellabeat Leaf?

We experienced a 5.5 percent error percentage with the Leaf over multiple iterations and across both step count and distance. This is a fairly mediocre inaccuracy rating when compared to our most accurate devices. Another Top Pick, CSX Simple Walking 3D, has an error percentage of 0.4 percent.

How does Bellabeat Ivy track steps?

By tracking your sleep, heart rate, and steps, the Ivy succeeds in its goal. The app calculates your wellness score based on your daily achievements.

Can Bellabeat leaf track heart rate?

There is no display or heart rate monitor on the Bellabeat Leaf, but it promotes deep meditation and breathing exercises. 

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