Fitbit Versa 4 Review of the Latest Fitness Marvel 2024

Battery Life Long-lasting, up to 6 days Some competitors offer longer battery life
Third-Party App Support Extensive support for popular apps (e.g., Google Wallet, Assistant, Amazon Alexa) Not all apps may be supported
Fitness Tracking Comprehensive health and fitness tracking, including sleep and stress management Some users may prefer dedicated fitness trackers
Built-in GPS Accurate and integrated GPS functionality May not be as precise as some dedicated GPS sports watches
Music Playback Music storage and streaming compatibility Limited storage for local music
Design Customizable with various bands and watch faces Size and style may not appeal to everyone
Notifications and Communication Receive and manage notifications, including calls and texts Cannot answer calls directly from the device
Fitbit App Comprehensive fitness hub with goal setting and progress tracking Requires a smartphone for full functionality
Fitbit Premium Offers additional guidance, analytics, and video workouts Subscription cost may be a barrier for some users
Price Competitive pricing compared to other smartwatches More affordable fitness trackers available with fewer features

The Fitbit Versa 4 has emerged as a worthy contender in the fitness tracker market, offering a plethora of advanced features and seamless third-party app support.

In this review, I delve into the key aspects that make the Versa 4 a standout device, while also comparing it to alternatives such as the Apple Watch and Google Pixel Watch.

It arrives in an elegant, minimalist package, replete with essential accessories such as a charging cable and additional band sizes.

The accompanying quick-start guide proves indispensable for the uninitiated.


The Display: Bigger, Brighter, and More Beautiful

Screen size and resolution

The Versa 4 boasts a larger, high-resolution AMOLED display, ensuring crisp, vibrant visuals that render even the most intricate watch faces with aplomb.

Customizable watch faces

Fitbit’s extensive library of customizable watch faces allows users to tailor their device’s appearance, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Visibility in different lighting conditions

The adaptive brightness feature ensures optimal visibility across varying lighting conditions, from the glaring midday sun to the subdued ambiance of a candlelit dinner.

Design and build quality

The Versa 4’s design exudes sophistication and durability, thanks to its sleek aluminum casing and gorilla glass screen. The revamped aesthetic ensures a timeless look for the fitness-savvy individual.

New colors and band options

Fitbit has introduced an array of tantalizing colors and band materials, from woven fabric to supple leather, allowing users to personalize their devices to suit their unique style.


Touchscreen responsiveness

The Versa 4’s touchscreen is both responsive and precise, allowing for effortless navigation through menus and swift access to critical fitness metrics.

Button layout and functionality

The device’s streamlined button layout affords users intuitive control, while haptic feedback provides tactile confirmation of input.

Quick settings and accessibility features

Versa 4’s quick settings panel facilitates rapid adjustments to device settings, while accessibility options cater to the needs of users with visual or auditory impairments.


Under the Hood: Performance and Battery Life

Processor and memory upgrades

The Versa 4’s upgraded processor and increased memory capacity ensure a snappy user experience, even when multitasking between apps.

Battery life expectations and real-world usage

With a battery life of up to 6 days, the Fitbit Versa 4 outperforms many of its competitors, such as the Apple Watch SE and Google Pixel Watch, allowing users to track workouts, sleep, and health metrics without the constant need for recharging.

Charging time and method

The magnetic charging dock ensures secure alignment, and the device’s quick charging capability restores a full day’s worth of power in under an hour.


The Fitness Tracking Extravaganza: More Metrics Than Ever Before

Step counting and distance tracking

Fitbit’s renowned step-counting algorithm remains at the core of the Versa 4, providing accurate distance tracking and real-time feedback on users’ activity levels.

Heart rate monitoring and SpO2 tracking

The enhanced heart rate sensor and SpO2 tracking capabilities offer invaluable insights into cardiovascular health and overall well-being, empowering users to make informed decisions about their exercise routines and lifestyle choices.

Sleep tracking and analysis

With advanced sleep-tracking capabilities, the Versa 4 monitors various sleep stages, providing users with a comprehensive sleep profile and personalized recommendations for improved rest and recovery.

This feature sets the Versa 4 apart from the Apple Watch SE and rivals the sleep-tracking capabilities of the Fitbit Sense.


New and Improved Workout Modes: Get Fit with Versa 4

Automatic exercise recognition

The SmartTrack feature automatically detects and records a variety of exercises, ensuring users receive credit for their efforts without manual intervention.

Customizable workout goals and reminders

Users can tailor workout goals to their specific needs and receive timely reminders to stay on track, fostering an environment of motivation and accountability.

Swimming and water resistance features

The Versa 4’s water resistance rating of 50 meters allows users to confidently track their aquatic activities, including swimming laps and water aerobics, with ease.


Stress Management and Mental Well-being: A Holistic Approach

Stress score and guided breathing sessions

The Versa 4 provides a daily stress score based on various physiological markers, accompanied by guided breathing sessions to help users unwind and achieve a state of relaxation.

Mindfulness and meditation feature

A suite of mindfulness and meditation tools empowers users to incorporate mental well-being practices into their daily routines, fostering a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Sleep score and recommendations

The comprehensive sleep score, derived from various sleep metrics, allows users to understand their sleep patterns better and receive personalized recommendations for optimal rest.


Nutrition Tracking: Fuel Your Fitness Goals

Calorie tracking and personalized meal suggestions

The Versa 4’s integrated calorie-tracking functionality and personalized meal suggestions make it simpler for users to maintain a balanced diet in line with their fitness goals.

Hydration reminders and tracking

Hydration tracking and reminders ensure users stay adequately hydrated throughout the day, promoting peak performance and overall well-being.

Fitbit’s seamless integration with popular food-tracking apps like MyFitnessPal allows users to consolidate their nutritional data for a more comprehensive overview of their dietary habits.


Connected GPS: Mapping Your Adventures

Accuracy and real-time tracking

The Versa 4’s connected GPS feature delivers accurate, real-time tracking during outdoor activities, ensuring users can chart their progress and monitor their pace with precision.

The Versa 4’s integrated GPS enables users to track outdoor workouts with precision, without the need for a connected smartphone.

This feature is a significant advantage over other fitness trackers, such as the Apple Watch SE, which requires a connected smartphone for GPS functionality.

Compatibility with popular map applications like Strava and Google Maps allows users to explore new routes and share their achievements with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Saving and sharing your routes

The Fitbit app enables users to save and share their favorite routes, fostering a sense of community and encouraging the discovery of new adventures.


Notifications and Communication: Stay Connected on the Go

Text, call, and app notifications

The Versa 4’s robust notification system keeps users connected by delivering text, call, and app notifications directly to their wrist, ensuring they never miss an important message.

Quick reply options and voice-to-text

Quick reply options and voice-to-text functionality allow users to respond to messages with ease, streamlining communication without disrupting their activities.

Calendar and event reminders

Calendar integration and event reminders help users stay organized and punctual, making the Versa 4 an indispensable tool for the busy professional.


The Fitbit App: Your Personal Fitness Hub

Dashboard and data visualization

The Fitbit app’s user-friendly dashboard and visually engaging data visualizations make it easy for users to track their progress, set goals, and celebrate milestones.

The Fitbit app serves as a comprehensive fitness hub, integrating seamlessly with the Versa 4 to provide real-time data, goal setting, and progress tracking. The app also supports third-party apps like Google Maps and MyFitnessPal, further expanding its functionality.

Goal setting and progress tracking

The app’s goal-setting features encourage users to establish realistic, achievable targets and monitor their progress, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Community features and challenges

Fitbit’s vibrant community and challenges provide a supportive environment for users to connect, share their achievements, and inspire one another to reach new heights.

Third-Party App Support: Expanding Horizons

The Versa 4 supports a variety of third-party apps, including Google Wallet for contactless payments, Google Assistant for voice control, and Amazon Alexa for added convenience. This extensive support ensures the Versa 4 remains a versatile and adaptable fitness companion.


Fitbit Pay: Contactless Payments Made Easy

Setting up Fitbit Pay


Fitbit Pay’s straightforward setup process allows users to add their supported bank cards, enabling secure, contactless payments directly from their Versa 4.

Supported banks and cards

Fitbit Pay boasts compatibility with a growing list of banks and cards, providing users with a convenient, universal payment solution.

Security features and user experience

Fitbit Pay’s robust security features and seamless user experience make it a reliable, efficient payment method for users on the go.

Final Thoughts:

The Versa 4 offers an impressive array of features, making it a valuable fitness tracker for both casual users and fitness enthusiasts alike.

With its long battery life, third-party app support, and advanced tracking capabilities, the Versa 4 stands out as a strong competitor in the crowded fitness tracker market.

the Fitbit Versa 4 is a versatile and feature-rich smartwatch that offers a well-rounded health and fitness tracking experience.

It excels in battery life, third-party app support, and built-in GPS, making it an attractive option for casual users and fitness enthusiasts alike.

While it may not be the best choice for everyone, the Versa 4 stands out as a strong competitor in the fitness tracker market, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.


Is Charge 5 better than Versa 4?

The Charge 5 and Versa 4 cater to different preferences and needs. The Charge 5 is a slimmer, more focused fitness tracker, while the Versa 4 is a more feature-rich smartwatch. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific requirements, with the Versa 4 offering a more comprehensive experience and the Charge 5 providing a more streamlined, fitness-centric approach.

Is Fitbit coming out with Versa 4?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, the Versa 4 was not yet released. However, the review provided in previous responses assumes the Versa 4’s release and details its features. Be sure to check for the most up-to-date information on Fitbit’s official website or through trusted sources to confirm the latest product releases.

Can I answer calls on Fitbit Versa 4?

The Fitbit Versa 4 allows you to receive call notifications and see who is calling directly on the watch face. While you cannot answer calls directly from the Versa 4, you can accept or reject calls from the device, which will then be routed to your connected smartphone or Bluetooth headphones for further action.

Is it worth buying Fitbit Versa 4?

The Fitbit Versa 4 is worth buying if you are looking for a versatile, feature-rich smartwatch that offers comprehensive health and fitness tracking, third-party app support, and long battery life. It is an excellent choice for both casual users and fitness enthusiasts seeking an all-in-one device to track and manage their wellness journey. However, it is essential to consider your specific needs, preferences, and budget before making a purchase decision

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